Financial Management and Project Investment Analysis
The perfect set of financial skills in just 2 days...  for technical and operational people
in Industry, Construction, Transport, Oil and Gas, Mining & Resources
How to create simple, yet powerful financial justifications - for all capital projects & operational budgets
COVID-19 Update - June 2020

With Covid restrictions easing we are back conducting our in-house/on site FMPIA courses.

For enquiries on Pricing or Booking please contact us on 08 6230 2611 or via the enquiry form.


We also continue to run our 2-Day Video Conference/Webinar - live with Rob Glenn.

Same Course - Same Presenter - Same great content - Same duration - Just online in small groups
Video Conference FMPIA Pricing - Up 6 Attendees $4500.00 + GST

*Prices valid to 30th September 2020

Download Video Conference Brochure here
The FMPIA Seminar
Financial Management & Project Investment Analysis 

This powerful 2 day seminar will de-mystify the jargon and give you awareness, knowledge and skills to drive business excellence and career growth. Available in-house or as a public event twice yearly in both Perth & Brisbane.


This course will:

  • Help you to increase efficiencies on site through smarter cost control, both Capex and Opex

  • Improve your ability to present better Budgets, Business Cases, Capital Expense Requests

  • Enable better communication between technical, operational, financial & managerial people

  • Enhance your career and change your life - with increased financial  awareness and ability

  • Provide knowledge and  tools compare lease vs buy, NPV, IRR  and  much, much more…


FMPIA - The ever popular and highly acclaimed Financial Management course

Widely acclaimed as one of the worlds most successful, highly informative and longest running seminars, in project finance. 

FMPIA is open to delegates from Government, Utilities, Resources, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Logistics and Industry.   


Learning methods are engaging, entertaining and refreshing -  through a combination of:

  • Case studies

  • Collaboration and group projects

  • Workshops

All chapters and content includes case studies, tutorials and participant exercises. The use of software tools and formulae are taught and software is provided to all attendees at the event.


Pre-requisites and participant requirements:  There are no pre-requisites or prior learning required for this workshop. All work books, online resources, software and lecture notes are provided.

Benefits of Attending Include:


  • Improve the ability to maximise capital utilization, meet budgets, identify cost reduction opportunities and improve efficiencies.

  • Have the knowledge and skills to better present CER’s, benefit analysis, expenditure justifications and business case supporting documentation

  • More effective communication between technical, financial and managerial staff – the jargon de mystified.

  • Effectively account for and work with the influence or impact of varying KPI’s in different departments.

  • Rank project proposals utilising discounted cash flow techniques including NPV, IRR, Breakeven and Payback.

  • Select between lower capex and higher opex or higher capex and lower opex ways of providing services. And how to reduce or optimise both.

  • Decide when to replace or rebuild equipment and be able to compare “buy verses lease”.

  • Plan and manage expenditure around the utilization and optimization of personnel.

  • Apply responsible budget and costing parameters to non–revenue projects such as environmental and safety.

  •  Learn how to conduct spread sheet functions including; NPV, IRR, DCF, depreciation, amortisation and sensitivity and risk analysis. (Software is given to all participants).

  • Understanding and applying Capex and Opex budgeting procedures and reporting guidelines.




  • Receive the knowledge to be able to meaningfully improve personal financial management and apply these skills to your own personal financial affairs – including investment, housing, property, shares and superannuation.


Delivery Options - In House, Video Conference or Public Seminar

FMPIA Public, VC or Onsite
Financial & Professional Courses for mining staff.
Courses in-house or Public Seminars.
Who Should Attend?
Our FMPIA course is highly recommended for all Technical, Production, Managers, Engineers, Geo, Hydro, Projects, Purchasing, Contracts, Operations & Supervisory personnel.
Other Courses
Tecoa also provides courses in communicating & presenting, personal finance and the advanced FMPIA.
The Presenter
Mr. Rob Glenn is an accomplished, knowledgeable and entertaining presenter, an internationally acclaimed public speaker and lecturer on financial and management concepts – delivering over 100 key note addresses and work place courses per year.
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