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Money Matters

Personal Money Matters Finance ourse

Our Money Matters Financial Acumen Course - for all working Australians

 It’s not how much we earn but what we do with it that counts!

An extraordinary workshop about MONEY – Specifically for Australian working people.

Learn about:

  • D.I.Y .financial health check – achieving more from the income you earn – but still have a life!

  • Managing money at home – a great way of managing money without budgeting!

  • Dealing with change –  How prosper in times of restructures and pay adjustments

  • Loans and debt – how to pay home loans out in half the term and build equity quickly

  • Buying motor vehicles - save 30% on your next vehicle, tricks, traps and options

  • Home and property buyers – first homes, investment properties – things you must know

  • Investing – shares, funds, superannuation, tax and how to get the right financial advice

  • Insurances – income protection, life cover, superannuation and essential insurance matters

  • And how to still have a life…

Outcomes from this workshop

At the end of this workshop you can expect to be able to: manage your money more effectively, reduce debt more rapidly, invest with more certainty, avoid scams and rip offs, get better value from your superannuation and understand how to become financially secure earlier. You will also be better equipped when buying cars, houses, property, shares and other investment options. You will also know how to identify and select appropriate financial advice.

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