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Communicating & Presenting with Influence - CAPWI

Communication Course

Communicating and Presenting with Influence - for Mining Professionals

Be heard, be understood and be remembered – every time!

The Communicating and Presenting with Influence – tailored for mining people is no ordinary workshop! It is an intense session dealing with energy, psychology and engagement in workplace relationships. This activity based event helps people focus better, get on better, work better and achieve more in work and in life. It is designed to enable you to communicate with respect, impact and authority, any time to any one at any level – substantially increasing your career prospects and
job fulfilment.

This high energy session delivers outstanding value and results for people wanting to deliver their messages and ideas.

Participants will learn:


  • To understand the importance of good communication, the impact and danger of poor communication and the barriers to communication.

  • How to be self-aware – to understand and be respectful of different cultures, personalities, attitudes and communication styles that may affect others.

  • How to gain trust, get and hold people’s attention, cut through the clutter, be heard and be remembered.

  • Active listening skills – vital to be a good communicator and reduce conflict and bullying at work.

  • Questioning techniques – vital to enable people to guide or influence conversation, gain information, diffuse conflict and apply assertiveness.

  • Getting action – how to make sure people happily respond or act on your safety message or instruction.

  • How to avoid common communication traps – mistaken assumptions, jargon and unnecessary detail.

  • How to deal with difficult people or situations and inspire others to improve safety, lift effort, morale and productivity.

  • How to be professional at work – posture, confidence,assertiveness, professional etiquette, body language and courtesy.

  • How to establish rapport and have empathy – key skills in reducing workplace conflict and improving safety and harmony. How to be assertive – in the true sense. Not aggressive, not passive but to understand how everyone has the right to be heard and be treated respectfully. Writing effective concise emails – structure, headlines, cc’s and response requests.

  • Phone calls – how to have a “telephone personality”, correct etiquette and posture.

  • Meetings – how to participate or hold effective meetings, meet objectives, speak clearly, observe processes, punctuality and deal with conflict or disinterest.

  • Presenting and public speaking – how to deliver a speech or presentation confidently and clearly, keeping attention and making sense to an audience. Great for pre starts and work place meetings.


The comprehensive, intense yet stimulating course – that will:

  • Help you develop powerful communication skills to deal with all people and in any situation

  • Enable better connection, gain instant trust, professional etiquette and higher team energy

  • Enhance your presentation skills, engage an audience, keep attention, confirm understanding

  • Improve your ability to be authoritative and concise - in meetings, presentations and emails

  • Enhance your career - through greater authority, control, organisational and people skills

  • Memory and focus – learn how to remember 20 names in a room or 40 items on a list instantly!

Increasing safety, morale, productivity and efficiency – the human factors

Mining and resources staff need confidence and clarity – in either conversations or presentations. The course teaches how to “cut through the clutter” to make your communication concise, easy to understand and easy to remember. This version now includes extra content emphasising issues facing safety teams, like connectivity, accountability, team dynamics and selling difficult messages.

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