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In-House/Onsite FMPIA Courses

For enquiries and course outline please contact us on 08 6230 2611 or via the enquiry form.


Next Public FMPIA Seminars


- Perth 

- Brisbane



Dates, Location and Bookings - see below

Pricing: $1800 (+GST) per head for first three attendees from same booking & department, then half rate ($900 + GST) for any additional attendees to same seminar.
Reservations and Payments can be made via the booking link using credit cards or PayPal.
If your require quote or invoice for PO, you can still register however choose OFFLINE PAYMENT at checkout instead, this will simply reserve your spots while we arrange quotes, POs, invoices and payment etc.

Video Conference FMPIA Courses*

In the event of Covid-19 restricting attendance to public or in-house courses.

We are able to run the seminar via video conference for those unable to attend due to border restriction, for those with staff in various locations or for companies operating outside of Australia.


Same 2-day Course - Same Presenter - Same great content - Same duration - Just online in smaller groups

Video Conference FMPIA - Pricing up to 12 Attendees $9700 AUD + GST.
Minimum of 6 preferred - Max 12.
*Prices valid to 31st December 2024
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