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Sharpen Your Mind 

Memory, focus & resilience course

Sharpen your Mind Course - Memory, Focus and Resilience - for all working people



Learn an astonishing technique to get perfect clarity of mind, free from stress and distraction – IN 45 SECONDS

  • Improve your memory - learn how to remember 20 names in a room and 40 items on a list- instantly

  • Increase focus – How to isolate distraction and increase concentration for multi-tasking & deadlines

  • Improved mental health and resilience - Reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression

  • Speed reading - Double your reading speed and with improved recall – great for improved study skills

  • Improve safety and productivity – through better focus and memory - great for prestart meetings

  • Better organisational skills - deal with rapid change, deadlines, pressure and the unexpected

  • Attend meetings and conduct presentations without needing notes at all

  • Improve decision-making, problem solving and rapid response solutions

  • Increase energy, improve sleep, amazing for sporting and fitness performance




Unclutter your mind and regain perfect focus, attention, concentration and mental health

This exceptional workshop has become a popular component of staff development programs in both private companies and public sector agencies throughout Australia.  It teaches how to develop incredible memory, focus and mental discipline.


Learn how to instantly remember 40 items on a list, 20 names in a room, attend meetings without needing to take notes, be a better public speaker and double your reading speed – with near perfect recall.  During our career, most time and expense is given to improving and sharpening our skills. However, this course focuses on sharpening our mind. This can re-energize our workplace, our career and our lives.


What is it about?

This is a simple, practical mind discipline technique based on medical science and biological fact. Anyone can do it.

It is not meditation – it is focus, using a unique combination in a 3 step technique.

  1. Tactical Box Breathing – a breathing technique used by the military to cope with extreme stress, trauma or fatigue. This step is used to clear the mind of distraction and stress.

  2. Association – a 7-part mind discipline technique to create specific focus.

  3. Mnemonics – an ingenious, proven method of increasing memory, focus, retention and organisation.


This process is designed to:

Increase workplace performance, enhance personal mental health and substantially reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue.

This is achieved through a quick and simple technique to control and focus the mind, which anyone can master. 


Who does it suit?

Essentially all working people –Anyone can do this. It is not meditation or relaxation – it’s a mental skills technique. Technology is used in the course to demonstrate proof that this focused state in the brain can be measured.


Why it’s unique

Sharpen Your Mind is an astonishing session. Participants will learn simply and easily how to tap into a level of thinking that can focus better, remember better, and perform better than a busy mind… and that this can be done anywhere, anytime by anyone. The session is activity based and highly interactive, with participants learning and practising the technique a number of times during the course.

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